J417: Curb

Journalism 417, commonly known as 'Curb,' is a collaborative course that facilitates the conception, creation and production of an annual Wisconsin lifestyle magazine called Curb. Each student is given a responsibility in the process and duty to write a piece for the magazine.

As Marketing Director, it was my responsibility to guide the business team in raising the necessary funds to operate. Our budget included printing and mailing costs for a circulation of 10,000 and a launch party to celebrate the final product. Together with two Marketing Representatives and a PR Manager, our team sold ad space in the magazine and conducted fundraisers to meet our goal.

My long form story originally set out to cover young leaders in Wisconsin politics, but quickly shifted focus to Wisconsin Rapids and their young mayor's initiatives to revitalize an aging population. Speaking to key figures in the push for change and exploring Rapids was an incredible experience and I'm proud to cover the effort.

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