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2013 Israeli Film Festival

The Israeli Film Festival was in need of a logo refresh and website for its upcoming 10 anniversary.

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2013 Gillette Media Plan

A hypothetical comprehensive media plan for Gillette shaving creams and gels as a class project.

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Project 29

Wouldn't it be cool if we commemorated Leap Day using the internet?

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UW-Madison Advertising Club

As Webmaster for Ad Club on campus, I redesigned the entire web presence as part of a rebranding initiative for the student org.

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Ginsburg Expeditions

My roommate and I teamed up to establish a charter bus company. We needed an identity, website and social presence.

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The Fontrepreneur

Web site designed to host a research paper on typography as a course project in Journalism 676: New Media and Society.

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TONE Chevy Volt Campaign

Production of an integrated marketing communications plan for the Chevy Volt as a Journalism 345 class project.

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Team Minnesota's Rose Bowl Road Trip

A joint venture: teaming up with UW Communications on an epic road trip to the 2011 Rose Bowl.

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Journalism application personal statement - December 2010.

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